Design principles of commercial signage

1. Functional and visual consultations are taken into consideration
a. People-oriented, function first
From the design concept to the specific implementation, it is necessary to follow the design tenet of “people-oriented” and the design principle of “function first”, fully interpret and analyze the behavioral abilities of different groups of people, and apply natural science and artistic Method to develop the concept design, try to integrate with the entire environmental facility.

b. Focus on visual effects and conform to the laws of vision.
As a guide logo design with visual expression as the basic feature, in various information displays, because of the communication and communication effects produced by graphics and symbols, only the position, size, proportion, materials, and materials of high-quality graphics and symbols are dealt with. Many design factors such as color can get the best visual effect. Therefore, the visual design of the commercial signage system must conform to ergonomics.

2. Functional and visual consultations take into account.
The commercial signage system is a form of visual art that creates practical value in a specific space. Designers must not only advocate the proper function, efficiency, safety and spaciousness, but also follow the forms and laws of morality. The artistic form of display gives people this visual appeal.

3. Integration of holistic and normative natural sciences.
a. The overall suggestion is to guide the design and establishment of the sign system to integrate disorderly, neatly and uniformly.
b. The design and setting of the normative suggestion-oriented identification system should confirm the laws and regulations as a guarantee.
c. Integrity and standardization

Post time: Jul-01-2021