• Typical problems and analysis of scenic spot identification

    What are the specific manifestations of the typical problems in scenic spot identification? Today I will talk to you about the issue of signage in this regard. The following is the detailed content: The main problems in the application of current scenic spot signs: 1. Lack of quantity and inappro...
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  • Design principles of commercial signage

    1. Functional and visual consultations are taken into consideration a. People-oriented, function first From the design concept to the specific implementation, it is necessary to follow the design tenet of “people-oriented” and the design principle of “function first”, full...
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  • How to Advertise Your Way Out of Business

    How to Advertise Your Way Out of Business

    Many companies are literally advertising their way out of business with low quality signage. These companies do not seem to realize the highly negative impact this type of signage can have. A recent study conducted by Dr. James J. Kellaris of the Lindner College of Busin...
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  • Why Outdoor LED Signs Are So Important

    Why Outdoor LED Signs Are So Important

    Outdoor led signs are not just in trend, they are medium to promote your business. If you are an owner of even a small stall, that is your business and it is very important for you to grab the attention of your potential customers. As we live in a modern age, days of han...
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  • Power of Outdoor LED Signs.

    Research indicates that outdoor LED signage play a key role in a customer or potential customer’s decision to interact with your business. Nearly 73% of consumers said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its sign. Your outdoor sign is often your firs...
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