Typical problems and analysis of scenic spot identification

What are the specific manifestations of the typical problems in scenic spot identification? Today I will talk to you about the issue of signage in this regard. The following is the detailed content:

The main problems in the application of current scenic spot signs:

1. Lack of quantity and inappropriate layout

Although the safety signs are in the scenic spot and are by no means of origin, there should be rules to follow in the plane layout, and they should be properly laid out in accordance with certain rules, so they are by no means placed randomly. Many scenic spots have gradually realized the importance of the role and function of safety signs. However, in the construction of specific scenic spots, safety signs are still not paid attention to, and they are still regarded as a “patch” project, resulting in In the scenic area, the lack of safety signs, difficult information, improper use, low degree of axiomatization, misplaced signs, matching scenes and incompleteness, etc.

It was found in the report that the number of safety signs is seriously insufficient, and there are often no safety signs of any kind on steep slopes, open ditches, waters, dangerous bridges or bridges without guardrails, so that tourists have been visiting since During the activity, remember the surrounding environment and cause dangerous events, such as children falling into the water, elderly people sliding into the water, etc.: It is also very difficult to see the setting of safety signs in areas with weak resources in the scenic area, causing the lawn to be stepped on the road, and the flowers are in the future. Growing up and opening up to the outside world has become a victim of tourists on the mountain or under them. Security signage refers to the fact that it is absolutely unknown, its location is misplaced, and tourists misunderstand the information it transmits, which in turn causes not only the destruction of the objects that are supposed to be protected.

2. The shape is single, and the size and style are never negotiated

Signs have a single shape, only focus on functionality, and have weak artistic expression; the size and style of the signs lack the overall consideration of integration, and the specifications are different: when multiple signs are mixed and set up, the shapes lack visual relevance. As a result, the visual image is turbulent, and there is no negotiation with the scenic spot.

It is found in the report that a very small number of scenic spots have never felt the role of the safety sign system for tourists, and some tourism managers also believe that safety signs are irrelevant. This is due to the creation of safety signs by designers. The sign is shoddy. Most of the safety signs in scenic spots were never made by designers carefully designed, or sold indirectly by manufacturers, resulting in the shape of safety signs in many scenic spots. Among them, the square signs were the most used, and the same one happened in the end. After being copied many times, the brands are placed in different types of scenic spots. Such security signs can easily reflect the characteristic style of the scenic spots; all kinds of security signs must finally produce a system, one system above the form It needs to be systemic, but what you see in the same scenic spot is a variety of safety signs. Each sign has a feature, and it is very easy to produce a system.

3. Inexpensive materials, lack of landscape and aesthetics

The characteristics of a scenic spot should not only be displayed on the text propaganda, but also reflected on the selection of various service facilities in the scenic spot. Therefore, the production of the safety signs of the scenic spot is not only based on the style and integration of the scenic spot, but also on the selection of materials. It should also have the same characteristics as the scenic spot. However, in the actual construction of scenic spots, this requirement is often violated. Many tourist attractions use cheaper and lighter materials to save costs. Therefore, they ignore the same scenery and style as the surrounding scenery.

Post time: Jul-01-2021